Thursday, March 31, 2011

Out like a lamb.

Dear 27,
March was one serious month. Newport Beach, Agoura Hills, Chicago, San Deigo and so many meetings and events and many un-vacuumed days in my apartment. But as always, it was a whole bunch of fun.
And Rob Sheffield tells me this poem exists. The end of March came upon my life quickly. In April I sure have a lot of books to read...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cookin. Again.

Dear 27,
So I'm not Sam Cookin a delicious pizza. But I did recipe write again.
Thank you Anne (remember when we made this all the time in college?) and Rachael Ray for being on tv right after class got out when we lived in that house on Jefferson Street. And even the pickiest of eaters enjoyed it. (And no. Duck sauce is not made of ducks.)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[Rocky] Balboa.

Dear 27,
In an effort to blog all 12 of my upcoming travel-free days (and to meet the challenge set forth by JP and the other JP), I'm heading back to Balboa Park (or at least sharing a bit more about this spectacular place and my sweet little Blackberry photos).
I had been advised to see Balboa Park by several San Diegoans so on my final day in SD (Not this SD, but this one) I set off for this "park" not knowing what to expect. Had I consulted, like a normal person, a map, I would have seen that Balboa Park wasn't just a plot of grass, but rather a zoo, a cluster of museums, an area filled with awe-inspiring architecture and a lush, fragrant garden.
Admittedly, I sang this the whole drive from The Pearl to the park. (And now you are too.) I admired the  Spanish-style buildings, gawked at the beauty of the Botanical Building, had coffee overlooking the sculpture garden and, honestly, couldn't possibly have seen everything there was to see in a day.
I've become slightly obsessed with the history of the park, and have already started compiling a mental list of what to see on my next trip. John, everyone's right, it's absolutely a place to see. 

PS- While it is sunny in San Diego, today (in March) it looks like this here at home.

Monday, March 28, 2011

We can finally be friends again.

Dear 27,
It was one adventure after another this weekend. We celebrated Anthony's birthday. Lots of dancing, photos of Jenni, delicious and fraudulently free pizzas and a terrific evening that lasted late into the night.
Then supported the Des Moines Playhouse while Sip, Savor and Switch-ing throughout downtown Des Moines. So much incredible food and wine-- Chris the night was wonderful!
Then capped off the weekend with Eggs and Francis Bacon. A room full of all kinds of people I care so much about and a tour of the Des Moines Art Center led by Mr. Jeff was perfect.
(Thank you to everyone who came to the brunch-- it will go down as one of my very favorite days in Des Moines. Ever.)
OH and a new addition to my family (whew. Jenni we can finally be friends again)...
April means less travel, more time to finish up the big list. (Less than 2 months until the 2-8)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Going Going. Back Back.

Dear 27,
Another trip to California, but not without a quick stop in Phoenix. We had a beautiful event at the most lovely Phoenician and I got to see my three waaaaay cool cousins for a perfect O'Connor lunch. San Diego greeted me with a bunch of rain, but I managed to be out and about working and enjoying the city. I found the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery not to far away and sat for a very quiet lunch overlooking the Pacific Ocean (this was on the non-rainy day).

Phil and Skyla yet again took me to an awesome SD restaurant-- The Starlite. The Starlite is a tiny spot with fresh, veggie filled entrees and a bar to gawk at. Our bartender, Josh, of course had a high school buddy who went to Drake. Skyla has started her own list of to-dos in a year. I think she's making better progress than I am! They also gave me a few terrific dining recommendations, including C Level (the views below are dusk and nightfall views from there). I never had to dine alone in SD thanks to some great friends and fellow travelers.
I did get to do lots of work while I was out West, including cashing in on my winnings from the Pearl's photo contest. The Pearl People were oh-so-kind and our DU crowd really enjoyed themselves.
Before leaving town, I did manage to explore the beautiful Balboa Park and spend a little time in the San Diego Art Museum. Balboa Park is a place I cannot wait to get back to...maybe I'll take a vacation out West someday soon.


Dear 27,
I knew that people celebrated basketball on St. Patrick's Day and that there was a parade here in town, but on March 17th downtown Des Moines exploded into a sloppy mass of green enthusiasts and the faux Irish. It was a zoo. But I will admit I celebrated the overly popular holiday unexpectedly the weekend prior. The #SPD5K turned out to be one of my favorite days in this blogged about year.

In addition to a race (I dont think it can be called a race unless you run the entire thing competitively...) I got to see the rest of the Palmer women for the weekend, crossing off items #3 and #24. We spent time in Chicago shopping and catching up and wining. Somehow the only moment I have on film is Jen in the glasses at Urban Outfitters.

I loved spending time with my sisters (I'd say they're the three most awesome girls I know) and we laughed and laughed with our mom late into the evenings.
Hope to see you again soon!
**In related news, my camera kicked the bucket after the #SPD5K. I think all the running caused it to croak. Hoping to get a new one up and running ASAP.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pikachu? Pecha what? (It's Japanese for Chit-Chat)

Dear 27,
Like you said Josh, it was better than I thought too. Thanks PKN crew (especially Matt) for the nudge to follow through with this. You should participate next time around.

I now know an odd amount of facts about our Postal Service and have become further obsessed with correspondence (I just finished "Letters on Cezanne" which I hadn't picked up since college.) I got some great feedback from those in the audience and gave out 42 handmade xo-lp cards. Hope many of you are sharing the love of the letter...

If you head to the PKN site you can hear all the great presenters but here (I know it messes up the page format a bit sorry!) is mine in it's full 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

If you want to send a card via Hallmark, a telegram or find more of my cards.
PKN is really a very cool concept, a terrific way to make a presentation and it definitely tested my presentation skills. All in all-- success.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Chorizo and Tequila.

Dear 27,
Long time no blog. It's been one wild March. But we made time for a family brunchiesta. Thanks to Marteen and Raphael, there wasn't an empty margarita glass to be found. Sunday was a funday.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Dear 27,
Palm Springs to Temecula to Palm Springs to Irvine. And that's just in two days. And I'm driving this. (How very California of me.)
Finally stayed at the hip Ace Hotel in Palm Springs where they serve blackberry infused Maker's Mark, there's photo booth in the lobby (which I was delighted to see but sadly was out of order) and the rooms are each equip with a record player. The crowd was a mix of overseas travelers and chic LA weekenders, and the Sunday night DJ was the best I'd ever heard.On the Ace site you can see 360 degree tours of the place.
The snow on the mountains with the palm trees. Weird.

A trip to Briar Rose Winery for a tasting event. A beautiful setting in Temecula wine country where the wines are revered (and delicious) and are even served at White House events.
(It was about 35 shivering degrees when the tasting ended...yes 35 degrees in CA. Don't be jealous of the weather.)