Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So you want to support a postcard empire? Perfect.

Dear 28,
After a blogging hiatus I know many readers have jumped the xo-lp ship (hey I get it, I should post more to  keep your interest in this 28th year of my life), but if you're still here-- I could use your help.
As I continue working on my little side biz, I have realized that while I've created, sent and enjoyed making a whole slew of postcards, I rarely (or haven't really ever) documented what I've been sending. Terrible. I know. So here's where you come in. To save me.
At some point I hope I've sent you something like this (see above.) If so, snap a quick photo of it (on that fancy phone, your sweet camera or even scan it) and upload it HERE
You'll be helping me create a bitty portfolio (and catalogue my ideas). And I will be eternally grateful.
Thanks a whole bunch. You're the greatest 9 readers in all the blogland.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hey June.

Dear 28,
June has been wild. So wild I haven't known where to start the writing of the recap. Full of blogable adventures and poorly written attempts at documenting it, here's a glimpse of what's been happenin.
June kicked off with a work trip. Finally getting back on the road with a little reluctance (it's been hard to feel much like being away about this. I miss her. So much. Daily.) I made it through, even planned another upcoming excursion to Minnesota in the near future and revisited our favorite spot: Cooper. I also purchased shoes dipped in gold. Nothing is really as cool as that. I had my first (and my second) Tacopocalypse tacos (thanks Sam!), celebrated the first sparklers of the summer, supported the Des Moines Metro Opera and this guy while enjoying the sweet sounds of Wicker and the Cabaret. (Whew. Run on sentences.) 
Then drank beer with Liz and lions and tigers and giraffes, ate lunch at an historic Des Moines Deli that's also Food Network famous, imbibed on the best patio in town after poaching some margaritas, oh and saw a little rock show. For the record, The Head and The Heart and Iron and Wine. (I'm exhausted and presumably broke just thinking about it.)
Then there was the oh-so-rebelious yarn bombing and the IOWA bourbon (which caused a discussion about whether or not it can officially be called bourbon- the debate was not over taste, however, which was delicious.) And finally, the discovery of this ridiculously odd tune.

Big news coming on the postcard process. Hoping to be in full production mode by July 15.
Look forward to hearing details about the big Missouri road trip, a fancy Barilla luncheon and why Sundays don't seem to suck anymore...
(Yes. A full post. Stop worrying. More to come.)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Nearly 30 days later.

Dear 28,
I'm suffering from bloggers block. (That's what the official term is for "I've been too busy/lazy to write lately and every time I try something unfunny shows up in a post that gets saved but never published.")
Someday I'll write with wit again.
Until then. 
xo- LP