Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do you remember September?

Dear 29,
I loved last September. I put out a bunch of good vibes into the universe and was repaid with a month of awesome. This year, I think the universe just swallowed September up or to put it less dramatically, geesh this month went fast.
To summarize 2012's speediest month to date, let's recap:
- I danced at two weddings.
- Visited my grandparents' Dairy Queen at 1:30am.
- I caught my biggest fish yet. Oh and it had a mustache.
- I got acupuncture.
- I gave three speeches, Sara gave more than that, and we celebrated her 30th, and then I solo-semi-crashed a wedding.
- Sipped a dirty martini in a bank vault.
- I drew farm animals with my favorite four year old.
- Then we scotch club-ed.

Tonight Des Moines bids farewell to the infamous Anthony. At one point in time his family believed we'd get married in Thailand, so clearly this is a sad, but celebratory, occasion for me and the city. I'll miss you Tone.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mar and Wildcat.

Dear 29,
My family is probably more fun than yours.
No offense, but it's probably true. Mar and Wildcat are the coolest and as my dear friends Blake and Joanne get married this weekend, I can't help but think Labor Day weekend weddings must be something special.
This is Blake and Joanne. Handsome couple. Big wedding ahead.
Mar and Den got married September 4, 1976. There were lace sleeves and a family style dining experience was had by all. I wasn't there, but I can assume there was a lot of dancing.
Just to be clear, they are wearing clothes in this photo, which is my favorite of them.

I can say honestly that I didn't always think my family was more fun than yours. In fact I probably thought life was good to go at this point: one kid, first birthday, mom rocking a great hair cut, dad sippin an old style, me looking cute. If a one year old kid can form complete thoughts, I was thinking "man this is awesome."
A few years later there was another girl Palmer, then another, then another, and my dreams of being an only child probably increased (Jen, Kate and Jane: when I was fourteen I probably didn't like you as much as I do now, but when you were 12, 8 and 6, you probably didn't like me much either). We fought over who had to sit in the middle seat all managed to survive in a house with one shower, and grew up with smart, creative parents. Today I can't think of three ladies I like more than my sisters. (They might be more fun than your sisters. No offense.) We make a pretty amazing karaoke team.
They karaoke well too. Take note Jo and Blake. The couple that sings together stays together.
I can't wait to see a whole bunch of Palmers next week (see you soon K3) because my family is probably more fun than your family. No offense.

Wishing Mar and Wildcat a Happy 36th Wedding Anniversary.

And to Blake and Jo-- may your marriage be as much of an adventure as Mar and Wildcat's continues to be. These two taught me how to love fiercely, forgive (even when you don't want to), to fight for it and have a hell of a lot of fun. I wish the same thing for you.