Thursday, October 7, 2010

The best way to tank you.

Dear 27,
I haven't been drawing nearly enough, but thanks to the ladies of Ephemera my cards are always in print and for sale, working ever-so-slowly towards selling the big 100. As I start the (way too early) process of deciding what this year's LP holiday postcard design will be, I've been working on drawing the perfect thank you note to have Arin and Karen print and add to my collection of xo-lp cards down in the East Village.
Be creative my 14 readers. What other suggestions do you have?


  1. omg I loooove these.

    Loving the Tanks (army tanks). And the t.hanks. That is amazing.

    I dunno about the fish tanks — I think you've got a couple of other fishy themed things. I'd say the bottom 2 are the best.

    Otherwise, you could look at Thank You in other languages and see if you can find something creative to go with those ...

  2. While I do think the tanks are adorable, I would send the t.hanks card to everyone I know regardless of if I need to thank them because its so fun!